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The cultivation of world-class talent has always been our top priority for development. More than 200 professionals have joined RiboBio with Dr. Craig Mello (2006 Nobel Laureate, a member of the American Academy of Sciences) serving as the chairman of RiboBio Scientific Development Committee and Dr. Bill Zhang as the president. Among them, 15 hold PhD degrees and more than 70% have master’s degree or above. In 2011, RiboBio’s R&D team of Gene Silencing Technology and Therapy was selected as the first-place winner of “Innovative Research Teams Introduced by Guangdong Province”; in 2017, RiboBio was awarded Innovative Entrepreneurial Team Introduced by Guangdong Province for “Pearl River Talent Plan”. We will give full play to the platform and its advantage as an international brand. By introducing and cultivating high-end talent with job training and rotation, we will continue to drive the development of science and technology in Guangdong, and serve future life sciences, medicine, nucleic acid drug and other challenging business.

Bill Zhang, PhD

Chairman & CEO, RiboBio

Dr. Bill Zhang is a distinguished expert , a PhD degree holder in organic chemistry from Columbia University, and a postdoctoral researcher at the Thomas Cech (1989 Nobel Laureate) Laboratory at University of Colorado. He published more than 50 papers in top journals such as Nature and acquired 16 patents. With more than 20 years of research experience in the field of nucleic acids, Bill has led various projects like the National 863 Program and the Guangdong Provincial Research Project. He is devoted to bringing a leading Oligonucleotides API CMO from China to the world.

Craig C. Mello, PhD

Chairman, Scientific Development Committee, RiboBio

Dr. Craig C. Mello is an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, he holds the Blais University Chair in Molecular Medicine and is Co-director of the RNA Therapeutics Institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In 2006 Dr. Mello received Nobel Prize award in Medicine or Physiology for co-discovery of RNAi, mechanisms of which are now employed to explore the biological functions of genes, study disease processes and design new therapies. He earned a PhD from Harvard, and did postdoctoral work at the Fred Hutchinson in Seattle. Besides the Nobel, Dr. Mello received numerous prizes and awards for his research, including a Pew Scholarship, National Academy of Sciences, Rosenstiel, Gairdner Foundation, Janssen Awards, the Wiley, MGH Warren Triennial, and Ehrlich-Darmstaedter Prizes. Dr. Mello is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society.

Tony Ip, PhD

Research Leader, RiboBio

Dr. Tony Ip is a core member of the Gene Silencing Technology and Therapeutics team, and a tenured professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His research is to illuminate the signaling pathways and regulation mechanism in development, immunology and cancers. immunology and cancers.

J Orville Adams, a team leader of the next generation high-throughput sequencing team of the Pear River Talent Plan, was one of the developers involved in the early development of high-throughput sequencer. He has been focusing on the design, production and sales of the instruments for over 30 years. J Orville Adams worked actively with prominent companies in America to develop high-throughput sequencers and reagents and he has rich experience in developing high-throughput sequencers.

Steve Albert Benner has been working on the R&D of synthetic biology, gene synthesis, nucleotide synthesis, nucleic acids detections, high-throughput sequencers and reagents. He is proficient in the preparation technology of high-throughput modified nucleotide monomers, synthesis technology of the gene synthesis and chemically modified nucleotides. Steven Albert Benner has published over 100 science papers (22 papers in Nature and Science) and has 37 patents.

Professor Yi-Kuen Lee has over 20 years of microfluidic chip experiences and has built great foundation on the development of DNA microfluidic chip. He has published more than 150 papers in the prestigious international journals and conferences. Professor Lee is an associate professor of the Division of Biomedical Engineering and deputy director of Nanosystem Fabrication Facility and Biomedical Equipment Center at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Micky Tortorella, a core member of the team of “Gene Silencing Technology and Therapeutics”, is CTO of Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has over 20-year R&D experience in a major pharmaceutical company as a team leader of the anti-OA siRNA drug discovery in the team.

Zanabazar Enkhbaatar has been working on the gene-related molecular biology research. He was associate professor in the Mongolian State University of Education and he established a company focusing on medical instrument and reagents. As the team leader, his responsibility is to develop the high throughput sequencing reagents and kits, produce and optimize the SBS reagents for NGS, and develop the library construction kit and quant kit.

Dr. Linping Wu is a core member of the team of “Gene Silencing Technology and Therapeutics”. He obtained his Ph.D. and received post-doctoral training at the University of Copenhagen. His research is focused on the R&D of biomaterials, nanomedicine and nucleic acid drug delivery system.

Batdorj Baasanjav has been working on the R&D of sequencer and real-time PCR since 2010. He has years of experiences in the production, installation and maintenance of the sequencer. He used to self-design and install the circuit boards and controller. He even installed sequencer, real-time PCR, PCR and other laboratory equipment.

Our Talent Concept

Personal character first, sense of gratitude, maximizing individual strengths, making the best of talents, team first

Who We Need

Sense of corporate culture identity, sense of responsibility, hardworking spirit, good at learning, dare to innovate, team player

Talent Philosophy

Excellent talents deliver excellent performance, excellent employees win customers and keep them

Talent Goal

Establishing an excellent management team, an expert-level R&D technician team, and a sales team daring to open up

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