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RiboBio is committed to building a world-class cooperation platform and partnership. RiboBio is a biotech company specializing in nucleic acid technologies and providing products and technical services for non-coding RNA and cellular biology research. We’re committed to realizing the commercialization of next-generation oligonucleotide-based drugs. With outstanding talents, platforms, products and services, RiboBio’s nucleic acid products have achieved a high market share domestically and already entered into international market. We provide integrated solution from literature mining, high-throughput sequencing, target validation, cell function, mechanism research, animal experiment, drug development, diagnostic reagent to clinical translation. Our products and services are widely recognized by more than 6,000 academic institutes, medical institutions and international bio-enterprises, such as Harvard University, New York University, Purdue University, University of Sydney, University of Massachusetts, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Hong Kong University, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Hutchison Whampoa, etc. RiboBio is regarded as a trusted partner for scientists from life sciences and medical research.

Ribobio emphasizes the importance in market cooperation and long-term partnerships. We have collaborated with many enterprises, universities and research institutes home and abroad, continuously promoting the industrial integration in upstream and downstream. RiboBio has formed a business network with nucleic acid molecular and cellular biology products, oligonucleotides drug development to CMC service globally, gradually becoming a backbone of biotechnology industrialization in China. RiboBio has established strategic collaborations with GE Healthcare, Olix, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology, etc to jointly devote to promoting the nucleic acid drug development and manufacturing.


Customer Comments

“It is not easy to find another company that, like RiboBio, would be focused on the nucleic acids area. This dedication and level of expertise are admirable. Progress and success achieved by RiboBio during the past years are the strong indicators of the bright future of domestic biotech industry.”

Dr. Zhinan Chen, Professor, the Fourth Military Medical University, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China


“We have been using RiboBio’s products for more than 6 years and plan to continue or partnership. We’ve been also recommending RiboBio to the others, appreciating the high quality, stable performance and fast delivery of the products. It is very impressive that a domestic biotech company can provide products as good as foreign companies.”

Dr. Qian, Associate Research Fellow, Academy of Military Medical Science, China

“We’ve been using Ribobio’s products for years. The performance is very stable and the quality is excellent. So far, we’ve never considered switching to other vendors.”

Dr. Huang, Zhang Lihe Science Laboratory, Peking University, China

“After the long-time use of RiboBio’s products, we found their RNA products stable in performance and quite cost-effective. It is a very reliable company too.”

Dr. Huang, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, China


“The RNA products provided by RiboBio, in particular for the miRNA in vivo experiments, are very distinct – they perform really well, especially in the liver. RiboBio certainly is a company of our choice.”

Dr. Hou, Institute of Immunology, the Second Military Medical University, China

“RiboBio’s products are reproducible in quality and are quickly delivered. The pre- and post-sale services are excellent too, so we use RiboBio products ourselves, and always recommend them to others.”

Dr. Gou, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


“We’ve been a long-time user of RiboBio’s non-coding RNA and transcriptome sequencing services. The company is capable of dealing with large data volume, the analysis is professional and the results are delivered back to us quickly. We are particularly satisfied with the quality of RiboBio’s sequencing and data analysis.”

Dr. Wang, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong Science and Technology University, China


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Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd.
Address:13-14/F, Innovation Building C3, 182 Kexue Avenue, Science Park, Guangzhou 510663, China
Service hotline:400-686-0075

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