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Antibody is an immunoglobulin produced by the immune system of the body under the stimulation of an antigen, which is produced by the proliferation and differentiation of B lymphocytes or memory cells, and which can specifically bind to the corresponding antigen, and is expressed by the cell strain. Technology platforms such as antibody production, antibody sequencing, antibody preparation, and antibody drug development have developed antibodies and analogs of different species, including monoclonal antibodies, double antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, antibody conjugates (ADCs), paired antibodies, and recombinants. Antibodies, etc.

RiboBio provides a high-content cell imaging research and screening platform for antibody development, specifically for antibody-mediated cell phenotypic observation and high-throughput screening, such as cell proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis, cell health and toxicity , signaling pathways, etc., also provide customized development services for oligonucleic acid components used in combination antibody immunotherapy.

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