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Cell Therapy refers to the transplantation or importation of normal or genetically engineered human autologous cells (usually immune cells) into a patient. Newly imported cells can replace damaged cells or target cancer cells. Sexual immune killing or phagocytosis, in order to achieve the purpose of treating diseases, currently mainly includes tumor cell immunotherapy and stem cell therapy. Cell therapy has been applied to clinical research or treatment of lymphoma, hematological disease, melanoma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases. CAR-T and TCR-T therapy are currently hot research and development fields, among which many The CAR-T therapy cell preparation has received FDA approval for marketing.

RiboBio provides laser confocal high-content analysis and screening platform (HCA&HCS) for T cell migration, and its ultra-high sensitivity detection capability to identify cancerous impurities in cell products, which is beneficial to the final cell product. Implement quality control.


High-content screening,HCS, ….
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Flow cytometry
Flow cytometry can identify different cell types in a variety of cell pools depending on the extracellular or surface-expressed markers. In addition……
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