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Cloning and Construction is one of the commonly used methods in molecular biology research. It can be transformed by artificial genetic modification of natural vectors or known tool vectors, and transformed or transfected to achieve foreign gene transfer or transduction. Thereby meeting the needs of various molecular biology research or production.

shRNA plasmid expression vector construction service
shRNA is a short hairpin RNA that silences gene expression via the RNAi pathway. The siRNA sense strand, the antisense strand and the Loop are generally ligated to obtain the desired sequence, and constructed into an expression vector containing a highly efficient promoter. The shRNA expression vector produces siRNA in eukaryotic cells, producing a gene silencing effect. Ruibo Biotechnology provides shRNA plasmid expression vector construction, and the constructed plasmid can be directly used for cell transfection for RNAi operation.

Construction of miRNA target gene 3’UTR vector
The pmiR-RB-ReportTM reporter detection system is specifically designed to detect the binding activity of miRNAs to target genes. The reporter system contains the T7 promoter-driven reporter fluorescence (hRluc), which constructs the target gene 3’UTR region downstream. The detection of this fluorescence verifies whether the miRNA has a regulatory effect on the target. Ruibo Bio provides the 3’UTR vector construction of the miRNA target gene. It is only necessary to co-transform the miRNA mimic with the constructed target gene vector to detect whether the miRNA has a regulatory effect on the target gene.

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