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Oligonucleotide CDMO  is mainly serving pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, commercial organizations or licensors by providing pharmaceutical process development, prescription development, clinical trial drugs, API drug production, formulation production and drug can packaging. Series of services.

RiboBio provides a full range of services from oligonucleotide-based drug discovery to large-scale cGMP production. We have platforms for nucleic acid synthesis, high content screening, gene libraries, mass spectrometry platforms, high-throughput sequencing, and animal experiments. We have a world-class team of experts, advanced equipment and unique technical methods to produce more targeted, low toxicity and environmentally friendly nucleic acid drugs, to meet the CMC development, clinical and large-scale commercial production capacity of nucleic acid drugs.

In 2013, the company took the lead in setting up a large-scale oligonucleic acid cGMP manufacturing workshop in China. The construction standards are in line with the international advanced level. In 2016, the company obtained the production license for oligonucleic acid APIs issued by CFDA. Our GMP workshop is equipped with OligoProcess (1800 mmol). A large-scale nucleic acid synthesis production system can meet the commercial production requirements of kilogram-scale large-scale oligonucleotide-based APIs.


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