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A CRO (Contract Research Organization) is a company that provides support to pharmaceutical companies, institutions, commercial organizations and licensor in the form of drug discovery and research services on a contract basis. By utilizing professional discovery platforms and extensive experience, a CRO can provide services from drug discovery, pre-clinical research to clinical research, etc to accelerate the drug development period, and lower the research cost. The whole process involves pharmacokinetics, pharmacology/toxicology and animal models as well as various clinical trials.

RiboBio can provide one-stop solution for nucleic acid drug discovery, which has various platforms for nucleic acid synthesis, high-content screening, gene library, spectrometry, high-throughput sequencing, animal experiments, etc. RiboBio has world-class professional team. With leading equipment and unique technologies, RiboBio can help partners successfully develop nucleic acid drug with better targeting ability, low toxicity and environmentally friendly, to provide powerful support to accelerate the drug discovery and clinical research.


Nucleic Acid Drug Discovery
RiboBio can provide one-stop solution for nucleic acid drug discovery including nucleic acid drug design, synthesis, assays, validation…
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Custom Oligo
RiboBio is the Asia’s leading oligonucleotide-based API manufacturer. We have world-class…
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