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Environmental Diseases are collectively referred to as various diseases and conditions caused by environmental factors. It mainly includes schistosomiasis, Keshan disease, etc. caused by certain special conditions of the natural environment; chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, malignant tumors caused by environmental pollution; certain special conditions by the working environment Pneumoconiosis, skin diseases, cataracts, etc. caused. Pesticides, chemicals, radiation, air pollution and water pollution are some of the human hazards that are believed to cause human disease. Potential pathogenic factors are everywhere. However, the likelihood that an individual will develop a particular disease depends on the hazard present in his or her particular environment and its genetic susceptibility to a particular hazard.

RiboBio provides high-throughput sequencing or high-content screening services for screening environmental disease virulence factors or drug targets. In addition, products such as siRNA and EdU are also available for the study of functional mechanisms.

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