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Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) is a type of RNA molecule that is more than 200 nt in length and does not encode a protein. Originally, lncRNA was considered to be a by-product of RNA polymerase II transcription and did not have biological functions. Studies have shown that lncRNA has a conserved secondary structure that interacts with proteins, DNA and RNA and is involved in the regulation of various biological processes such as chromatin modification, transcriptional activation or inhibition, post-transcriptional regulation, and induced molecular interference as miRNAs. Gene expression, etc. Therefore, lncRNA is a very broad and unknown field with great research value and significance.

How to conduct lncRNA research?

lncRNA mechanism

Which lncRNA silencing product is right for you?

RiboBio provides a variety of highly efficient lncRNA suppression tools such as LncRNA siRNA, LncRNA Smart Silencer, LncRNA ASO, etc.

LncRNA siRNALncRNA Smart SilencerLncRNA ASO
ComponentsiRNAConsists of 3 siRNAs and 3 ASOsASO
FunctionSilencing extranuclear lncRNASimultaneous inhibition of nuclear or extranuclear target lncRNADepending on RNase H, silencing of cytoplasmic and nuclear lncRNA simultaneously
StabilityHigh stability and chemical modification can synthesize in vivo siRNAOptimized design algorithms, innovative chemical modification, higher sensitivity and suppression efficiencyChemically modified for higher stability and can be used directly in in vivo experiments
MechanismDouble-stranded RNA, which forms a RISC by binding to an enzyme. RISC specifically binds to the target gene mRNA that matches its sequence and causes mRNA degradation, resulting in gene silencing.Multiple mechanisms inhibit target RNA and increase the probability of silencingSingle-stranded RNA&DNA hybrids that rely on RNase H for function
Interference effectBetterExcellent(After-sales redesign and synthesis service)Better
Transfection reagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP Reagent

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