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The discovery and research of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly based on the systematic theory, classic prescription and practice of traditional Chinese medicine, exploring the laws of traditional Chinese medicine or natural products in the process of life and disease, improving the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicines in preventing and treating diseases, and scientifically carrying out traditional Chinese medicine or natural products. Discovery, research and application. Generally use modern science and technology combined with clinical and medicinal materials production, research on the investigation, development and protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources, Chinese medicine processing and preparation research, Chinese medicine pharmacology, medicinal chemistry research and so on.

The complex composition and state of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve multi-target effects. RiboBiot provides technical services for the discovery of traditional Chinese medicine targets, and provides high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, biochemistry, high content screening, animal experiments and other technical platforms. The pharmacodynamics and principle of action of traditional Chinese medicine compounds in whole, organs, tissues and even cell, subcellular and molecular levels.

High-content screening,HCS,  ….
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Animal Experiments
Animal experiments are the only way to transform medical research, and Ruibo Bio creates the world’s leading animal experiment center…
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