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Virology is considered to be a branch of microbiology or medicine, and is a biological science that studies the nature of viruses, the interactions between viruses and hosts, and the laws. The content of virology research mainly involves the structure, classification and evolution of the virus; the way of infection and utilization of host cells; the interaction with the host organism’s physiology and immunity; the type of disease caused; the virus isolation and culture technology and its research And various aspects of the application in therapy. Virological research is closely related to life sciences and biotechnology, providing a powerful tool for the modern study of the structure and function of biological macromolecules, and the efficient expression and regulation of genomes.

RiboBio can provide siRNA products that are homologous to viral or host genes in antiviral studies, in the customer article Human Virus-Derived Small RNAs Can Confer Antiviral Immunity in Mammals.

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