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Customer Notice of Research Service

Note: Before you submit your request form, please kindly read the notes below.

1. Please select the scientific research service and fill in the sample information according to the needs of the project, or consult our customer service for help.
2. In order to improve service efficiency and quality, RiboBio prioritizes the evaluation of scientific research service demand submitted from the website over those from other channels.
3. Technical evaluation will be immediately conducted after receiving your request, and the customer representative will contact you to proceed the delegation service as soon as the evaluation is completed.
4. Under normal circumstances, one sample is applied only for one experiment, and the sequencing data is set at the standard level. Any special requirement needs to be otherwise remarked.
5. After signing the contract, a certain amount of prepayment is required to start scientific research service projects. The prepayment proportion is ≥50% for high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, ≥100% for subcutaneous tumor formation rate test pre-experiment, ≥50 % for other animal experiments ≥50 %, and ≥ 30% for other researches .
6. After the full payment is received, RiboBio will deliver all experimental data results within the commitment period by mail, hard disk or network disk.
7. RiboBio is highly responsible for all the samples involved. The delivery of samples requires a complete “Sample Information Sheet” (see contract attachment or the sample information column of the website), which will be used for registration and quality inspection.
8. Please consult RiboBio with the handling of the sample within 3 months after completing the project. Otherwise, RiboBio reserves the right to dispose of them as we see fit.
9. RiboBio will inform customers of the detailed sample filling requirements. For any missing information that makes it unable to carry out the experiment or other consequences, RiboBio shall not be held accountable.
10. Before delivery, please keep a small amount of sample for backup in case of quality inspection failure.


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