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Welcome to Customized RiboBio Reagents


1. If you cannot find the product by entering “Cat No., Product Name, Gene Name, Gene ID, transcript ID, or Accession No.” in Product Research, you can submit your order on this page;
2. Select a custom type correctly, click “Start Custimization”, input the species, gene ID, transcript number, purification, order quantity, and other key information. 
3. If you forget gene ID and transcript ID, please click on the floating frame to link NCBI and miBase;
4. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): miRNA mimic and inhibitor of other species is 10 nmol except for human, mouse, and rat included in miRBase; the MOQ of siRNA, mimics, and inhibitors containing modification is 10nmol;
5. ChIRP probe exceeds 20bp: submit the order according to the default conditions. It needs to be evaluated and quoted separately. The new quotation will be automatically sent to you in your online account.
6. The recommended positive control (PC) for human 1999A and 2500A siRNA Set is h-GAPDH (5nmol). For other controls, you can select the desired one before order submission.
7. Silencing Effect: For Single Gene siRNA Set, at least 1 pair of siRNA for encoding genes is not less than 70%. For Smart Silencer, and the silencing efficiency for lncRNA is not less than 50%. We provide after-sales services inluding re-design and re-synthesis in the limited condition. If RNAi is still not effective,  other silencing or editing methods are recommended.
8. Editing Efficiency: The CRISPR-Cas9 editing efficiency guarantee set can guarantee at least one crRNAs out of 5 is >30% for MHCC97H cells in T7E1 digestion efficiency. We provide after-sales services inluding re-design and re-synthesis of 5 crRNAs in the limited condition. If CRISPR-Cas9 is still not effective,  other gene editing methods are recommended.
9. If the custom oders can’t meet the RiboBio design algorithm principle, you will be immediatedly informed.



 Recommended Products

RNAi Design

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
siBDM0001 General siRNA - no modification, standard Inquiry - Start Customization
siBDM0002 Custom siRNA - Seqence Provided Inquiry - Start Customization
siBDMV001 Chemically-modified siRNA Inquiry - Start Customization
siBDMV002 Animal siRNA (Ribobio Default Methylation + Cholesterol Modification) Inquiry - Start Customization
siBDM2500 Promo pack - Three pairs of siRNA (5 nmol each) + positive control + positive control primers + transfection control + general negative control + transfection reagent 0.5mL $416.50 - Start Customization
siBDM1999A Economic pack - Three pairs of siRNA (each 5 nmol) + general negative control + transfection control (or positive control + positive control qPCR primer) $333.03 - Start Customization
lnc3CM001 lncRNA Smart Silencer (5nmol*2) $566.43 - Start Customization
lnc3CM01M mRNA Smart Silencer (5nmol*2) $566.43 - Start Customization
lnc6CM001 ASO (5nmol*2) Inquiry - Start Customization
lnc6CM00C circRNA ASO (5nmol*2) Inquiry - Start Customization
lnc6CM00M mRNA ASO (5nmol*2) Inquiry - Start Customization

CRISPR-Cas9 Design

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
CR-NRA-1 riboEDIT Designed crRNA Inquiry - Start Customization
crG00001 riboEDIT CRISPR-Cas9 mRNA Guarantee Set, 20T $2,663.93 - Start Customization
crS00001 riboEDIT CRISPR-Cas9 mRNA Standard Set, 20T $1,997.53 - Start Customization

miRNA Functions

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
miR1CM001 Custom miRNA mimics Inquiry - Start Customization
miR2CM001 Custom miRNA inhibitors Inquiry - Start Customization
miR3CM001 Custom miRNA antagomir Inquiry - Start Customization
miR4CM001 Custom miRNA agomir Inquiry - Start Customization
miR5CM001 Custom miRNA precursor Inquiry - Start Customization

Special synthetic customization, control NC, Oligo oligonucleotide, large-scale synthetic customized products (synthetic products with known SKU or product name)

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
RIBOCSUTOM002 Custom Oligo Synthesis - Simplified Ordering Inquiry - Start Customization
RIBOCSUTOM001 Custom Negative Control Inquiry - Start Customization

Custom Library

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
STLC001 Pre-designed siRNA Sub-library Inquiry - Start Customization
STLC002 Custom siRNA Library (MOQ: 10 genes) Inquiry - Start Customization
MILC001 Custom miRNA Library (MOQ: 10 genes) Inquiry - Start Customization
crR-LB-0001 Custom CRISPR crRNA Library Inquiry - Start Customization

FISH Probe & ChIRP Probe

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
lnc1CM001 lncRNA FISH Probe Mix(20T) $499.80 - Start Customization
lnc1CM00C circRNA FISH Probe Mix(20T) $499.80 - Start Customization
lnc1CM00M mRNA FISH Probe Mix(20T) $499.80 - Start Customization
lnc4CM005 RNA ChIRP Probe (5’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $63.30 - Start Customization
lnc4CM003 RNA ChIRP Probe (3’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $96.62 - Start Customization
lnc4CM05C circRNA ChIRP Probe (5’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $63.30 - Start Customization
lnc4CM03C circRNA ChIRP Probe (3’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $96.62 - Start Customization
lnc4CM05M mRNA ChIRP Probe (5’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $63.30 - Start Customization
lnc4CM03M mRNA ChIRP Probe (3’Biotin)(2nmol/probe) $96.62 - Start Customization

qPCR Reagent & Kit Design

SKU Product List PriceQuantity Actions
MQPSCM001-1 Bulge-Loop miRNA qRT-PCR Primer Set,100T $53.31 - Start Customization
MQPSCM001-2 Bulge-Loop miRNA qRT-PCR Primer Set,200T $74.97 - Start Customization
MQPSCM001-5 Bulge-Loop miRNA qRT-PCR Primer Set,500T $124.95 - Start Customization
miRACM001-12 miDETECT A Track miRNA qRT-PCR Primer,100T $53.31 - Start Customization
miRACM001-22 miDETECT A Track miRNA qRT-PCR Primer,200T $66.64 - Start Customization
miRACM001-52 miDETECT A Track miRNA qRT-PCR Primer,500T $108.29 - Start Customization
miRSCM001-1 Custom miRNA Standard RNA, PAGE, 1nmol $99.96 - Start Customization
LQPCM0001 lncDETECT lncRNA qRT-PCR Primer (5nmol upstream & downstream) $33.32 - Start Customization
CQPCM0001 circDETECT circRNA qRT-PCR Primer (5nmol upstream & downstream) $33.32 - Start Customization
GQPCM0001 genDETECT mRNA qRT-PCR Primer (5nmol upstream & downstream) $33.32 - Start Customization

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