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Animal experiments are critically necessary for transformational medical research. RiboBio creates the world’s leading animal experiment center, providing quality and reliable animal experiment services. RiboBio provides efficient and quality experimental services from animal model construction, animal drug delivery, in vivo imaging, toxicology research, biological testing, etc., rapidly improving the R&D efficiency and result transformation, especially in cancer research, genetic therapy, and nucleic acid drug function and toxicology.

RiboBio’s animal experiment center has a SPF-class animal laboratory with complete facilities, including Italian IVC feeding equipment, Germany small animal living imaging system, Sakura automatic dehydrator and automatic dyeing machine, Thermo automatic slicer and Leica semi-automated histopathology microscope.

In Vivo Experiment on Subcutaneous Mouse Tumor
RiboBio provides experimental services for subcutaneous tumors in mice….
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Small Animal X-Ray Imaging
X-Ray imaging is a classic structural imaging mode that allows the organism …
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Fluorescence Imaging Detection
In vivo bio-fluorescence imaging technology can observe gene expression …
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Bioluminescence Imaging Detection
Bioluminescence generally integrates the firefly luciferase gene into…
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Service hotline:400-686-0075

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