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RiboBio is home to senior bioinformatics experts overseas, who are experienced in practical database mining and bioinformatics analysis, proficient in the programming integration of various bioinformatics analysis software, and can thoroughly explore the massive sequencing data and related databases. Comprehensive, efficient and accurate data analysis services are accessible with RiboBio’s bioinformatics analysis.

RiboBio provides TCGA-related analysis, pure bioinformatics analysis and customized bioinformatics analysis, and discovers breakthrough scientific results with more scientific research value, breaks through scientific research bottlenecks, and assists in the study of subsequent functional mechanisms.

TCGA Analysis
As one of the major diseases threatening human health, tumor …
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Bioinformatics Analysis
Regarding special research projects where basic or advanced bioinformatics…
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Literature Mining and Analysis
After high-throughput sequencing or the identification of candidate …
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RiboBio Galaxy-Bioinformatics Analysis System
RiboBio Galaxy is an online platform designated to solve the after-sales …
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TCGA-related Analysis

miRNA-related Analysis
mRNA-related Analysis
lncRNA-related Analysis

Pure Bioinformatics Analysis

miRNA Target Gene Prediction (for human, rat, mouse)
miRNA Target Gene Prediction (with reference genome)
Gene-miRNA Interaction Prediction (model species, genes containing circRNA/lncRNA/mRNA)
lncRNA Target Gene Prediction
Gene-related Transcription Factor Prediction
miRNA-related Transcription Factor Prediction (mammals only)
PubMed Literature Mining
Other Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis

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Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd.
Address:13-14/F, Innovation Building C3, 182 Kexue Avenue, Science Park, Guangzhou 510663, China
Service hotline:400-686-0075

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