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After high-throughput sequencing or the identification of candidate genes or disease types, a large number of literature searches and manual analysis are often needed to further direct the most valuable research. It usually takes 3-6 months, and may even miss the right research direction.

With the industry-leading bioinformatics platform, RiboBio provides scientists with a personalized and fast document mining service. Researchers only need to provide a list of genes or diseases of interest, they will get comprehensive, complete and value report in a few days. It includes a list of references, species, literature links, journal information, date of publication, and statistical analysis of popularity to help with prospective vision and scientific research positioning.

RiboBio provides comprehensive bioinformatics solutions from high-throughput sequencing, high-content functional screening, TCGA analysis to document mining.

How to access the fast document mining service?

When the price of a sequencing service exceeds RMB50,000 in the contract, literature mining will be added as an after-sales benefit. In other cases, a certain fee will be charged. Customers need to provide information such as genes, diseases or species names.

Literature screened with according genes, species, etc.:

Table 1: Text Mining Statistics Results

Figure 1. Gene and literature statistics

Figure 2. Disease and literature statistics

Figure 3. Radar map of disease and literature

Detailed results of document mining:

Table 2:Example of text data mining

NOTE: Only part of the information is listed due to limited space. For details, please refer to the result file.
Symbol :
GeneID :
Species :
Disease :
Title :
Publication dates : more than 10 years, 10 years or 5 years.

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