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Vector construction is one of the commonly used methods in molecular biology research, including the modification of multiple cloning site (MCS), promoter, enhancer and screening marker of the pre-existing vectors. Plasmid is the most ideal vector, and the vector construction is to construct a plasmid containing foreign DNA, which can be later used with PCR for sequencing verification. RiboBio provides various types of high-quality vector construction services.

Technical Features:

■ The vectors we provide are non-viral vectors
■ Overexpression vectors are available with different markers such as NeoR or EGFP
■ Different expression vectors can be constructed according to different needs to ensure correct and integrated cloning sequences
■ Efficient overexpression in mammalian cells
■ We provide plasmid/bacterial solution experimental report

lncRNA/gene Overexpession Vector
The overexpression and gain-of-function experiments of lncRNA/gene …
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miRNA Sensor Reporting Gene Vector
The miRNA Sensor reporter gene vector is mainly used to detect changes …
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Promoter Reporter Gene Vector
The binding of transcription factors to promoters is an important event…
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shRNA Vector
Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) is a common tool for RNAi assays…
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miRNA 3’UTR Reporting Gene Vector Construction
miRNA is a class of non-coding small RNAs that regulates the expression …
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circRNA Over-expression Vector
Circular RNA (circRNA) is a closed-loop, single-stranded RNA molecule …
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Signal Pathway Reporting Gene Vector
Cells bind to ligands (signaling molecules) through intracellular and…
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