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The overexpression and gain-of-function experiments of lncRNA/gene are important means of studying gene function, complementing the loss-of-function represented by RNAi to illustrate the role of lncRNA/genes in related cellular functions. RiboBio’s pEX-RB-Mam series overexpression vectors have a strong CMV promoter upstream of the multiple cloning site, which can efficiently express the lncRNA/gene inserted into the multiple cloning site.

Technical Features:

■ Non-viral vectors are available with different markers such as NeoR or EGFP
■ Different expression vectors can be constructed according to different needs to ensure correct and integrated cloning sequences
■ Efficient overexpression in mammalian cells

Technical Support or Application Examples

A. qRT-PCR verification results

With GAPDH as an internal reference, and 293T, A549 and Hela cells as overexpression targets, the constructed lncRNA1, 2, and 3 overexpression vectors were overexpressed in the three types of cells respectively. The results of qRT-PCR verification are shown as follows:

Figure 1-3. qRT-PCR verification results with lncRNA1, 2, and 3 overexpression vectors overexpressed in 293T, A549 and Hela cells

B. qRT-PCR Data

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

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pEXP-RB-Mam Overexpession Vector

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