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Long RNA Transfection

Cell transfection is one of the important methods for foreign genes entering into eukaryotic cells. Those foreign DNAs or RNAs move into cells by the ancillary packaging of transfection reagents, play its role to further study its cell functions and corresponding influences. mRNA transfection does not need to enter into cell nucleus, which will realize quick protein expression and non-genome integration risk when comparing with DNA transfection, and its efficiency will be independent of cell cycles that will have advantages of low cost and fast transfection speed. riboFECT™mRNA transfection reagent developed by RiboBio is specifically used for transfection with mRNA molecules, which enables to rapidly transfect a series of cell lines including primary cells that are difficult to be transfected.


1. 90-100% Efficiency: obtain the high-efficient transient expression of target gene by using fewer mRNA and can be maintained within 24 hours
2. Wider Application: human fibroblasts (primary cell line), CHO-K1, B16-F10, 293, etc
3. Low Toxicity with Easy Operation: low cytotoxicity, no replacing culture medium, easy-to-use
4. Serum Compatibility, No RNA Enzymatic Activity: When there exists serum, perform transfection, no need to change culture medium and keep cells healthy; RNases-free, can prevent mRNA from degradation and ensure transfection efficiency
5. More Economically Use: finish 500 times transfection (96-well plate) with using 5mL reagent

What is the most suitable transfection reagent for you?

RiboBio provides all series of transfection reagents from siRNA/miRNA, mRNA/lncRNA to proteins. Please select the suitable one based on the following table.

siRNA/miRNA Transfection reagent High efficiency of gene suppressionmRNA/long RNA Transfection reagent Suitable for primary cells
riboFECTTM CP Transfection ReagentriboFECTTM mRNA Transfection Reagent
Reagent Specification0.5ml, 1ml0.75uL, 1.5uL
Target MoleculesiRNA, miRNAmRNA, long RNA
Transfection Efficiencybetterbetter
Cell Viabilitybetterbetter
CytotoxicityUltra lowUltra low
Transfectable cell line (partial)HeLa,A549,HEK293T,HCT-116,NIH/3T3,HepG2,HNE1,
human fibroblasts,CHO-K1,B16-F10,HEK293

Technical Support

This kit is easy and convenient to use. Only need to mix mRNA with transfection buffer, add riboFECT™ mRNA to form into complex, incubate for 5-10 minutes and then place them on the cells that will be transfected without changing culture medium.

Figure 1 Transfection efficiency in various cell lines by using riboFECT™ mRNA (take Hela cells as control)

Figure 2 GFP mRNA of B16-F10 cell lines will have high expression by using riboFECT™ mRNA.


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C11055-1 riboFECT mRNA Transfection Reagent, 75ul$133.28
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