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It is important to determine the level of cell transfection efficiency. Transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity can be accurately and quantitatively analyzed by specific nucleic acid transfection indicators entering into the nucleus and binding with two dyes.

The riboMONITOR® Transfection Indicator Kit contains three dyes: riboTRACER™ Green, NUCLEOstain™ and DEADstain™, which are used to respectively detect successfully transfected cells, whole cells and dead cells. Among them, riboTRACER™ Green can be enriched in the nucleus after transfection, which is independent of siRNA or miRNA sequences. It can easily, quickly and accurately quantify the efficiency of cell transfection in order to further optimize siRNA or miRNA transfection conditions.

Product Description

riboMONITOR® Kit contains three fluorescent substances that can accurately quantify the transfection efficiency with only 3 steps.


1. Easy-to-Use: only 3 steps with fluorescent microscope observation
2. Accurate Quantification: enrichment in the nucleus and accurate quantification on transfection efficiency
3. Toxicity Analysis: simultaneous analysis of cytotoxicity and optimization of transfection reagent dosage

What is the most suitable transfection reagent for you?

RiboBio provides all series of transfection reagents from siRNA/miRNA, mRNA/lncRNA to proteins. Please select the suitable one based on the following table.

siRNA/miRNA Transfection reagent High efficiency of gene suppressionmRNA/long RNA Transfection reagent Suitable for primary cells
riboFECTTM CP Transfection ReagentriboFECTTM mRNA Transfection Reagent
Reagent Specification0.5ml, 1ml0.75uL, 1.5uL
Target MoleculesiRNA, miRNAmRNA, long RNA
Transfection Efficiencybetterbetter
Cell Viabilitybetterbetter
CytotoxicityUltra lowUltra low
Transfectable cell line (partial)HeLa,A549,HEK293T,HCT-116,NIH/3T3,HepG2,HNE1,
human fibroblasts,CHO-K1,B16-F10,HEK293

Technical Support

Evaluate the level of experimental cell lines transfection

There are huge differences for transfection efficiency of various cell lines. It is the basic question that how to identify whether the target cell lines are suitable for cell transfection experiments. Generally, use fluorescent labeled siRNA or miRNA for corresponding transfection control experiments, however, this kind of transfection control will not be evenly distributed in cells or sometimes adhered together that will be difficult to quantitatively analyze the cell transfection efficiency. riboTRACER™ is the nucleic acid indicator for enrichment of nuclear that will accurately and quantitatively analyze transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity via combining with cell nucleus stain.

Figure 1 Use riboMONITOR® to detect the transfection efficiency of siRNA in various cell lines by adopting riboFECT™ CP

Cells transfected with riboTRACER™ Green (100nM) with riboFECT™ CP (5 µl/well), fixed with PFA, stain with NUCLEOstain™ and DEADstain™, 20X of microscope.


Evaluate the transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity of transfection reagent

Transfection efficiency is hugely different by using various transfection reagents. Unsuitable transfection reagent will cause low transfection efficiency, or even cell death. riboMONITOR® use fluorescent quantitation to detect successfully transfected cells, dead cells and whole cells, which realizes simultaneous evaluation for cell transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity.

Figure 2 Use riboMONITOR® transfection indicator to detect the transfection efficiency of 293T cells by adopting 3 transfection reagents

The toxicity of Reagent L is high that will easily cause large amount of cell death, while Reagent X has low transfection efficiency. However, riboFECT™ CP has higher transfection efficiency with almost no cytotoxicity, which will successfully transfect 293T cells.

Optimize transfection conditions and detect the transfection efficiency

The dosages of transfection reagent and cell density are the key elements for a successful transfection experiment. It is the important guarantee to ensure batches stability of transfection efficiency for experiment repeatability. riboMONITOR® can quickly detect the cell transfection efficiency, optimize the optimal transfection reagent dosage and cell density, and determine the most suitable transfection conditions to realize the high transfection efficiency by reducing the unnecessary trials.

A-B: Use 0.4µl and 1µl Reagent L to transfect with Hela cells, and detect the transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity; C-D: Use 0.4µl and 1µl Reagent L to respectively transfect with 40,000 or 50,000 cells. The results show that using 1µl Reagent L to transfect with 40,000 cells will bring the highest transfection efficiency (C) and the minimum cytotoxicity (D).


SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
C10410-1 riboMONITOR Transfection Indicator Kit(Green ),20T$133.28
C10410-2 riboMONITOR Transfection Indicator Kit(Green ),40T$216.58
C10410-5 riboMONITOR Transfection Indicator Kit(Green ),100T$399.84


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