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MTT Cellular Activity Assay has been widely used to assess cell viability as an indicator of cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. The purple MTT-formazan crystals can be catalyzed by mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase. The insoluble formazan crystals are thoroughly dissolved using a specific solution and measure absorbance at 570 nanometers by using a microplate reader. When there are more cell proliferation, then the absorbance will be higher; when the cytotoxicity is bigger, then the absorbance will be lower.


This kit adopts a unique formula of Formazan dissolution with directly adding solvent rather than remove the existing culture medium, which further avoids the errors caused by removing culture medium with partial removal of formazan.


1. Fast and Accurate: Low background with wider linearity range. It can accurately detect the cell activity changes for hundreds or even tens of thousands of cells
2. Economical: Low cost and more economical. Accurately quantify the changes of cell activity and suitable for large-scale preliminary screening
3. High Sensitivity: Low background absorbance will be generated without cells, which can detect low cell quantity
4. Simple and Convenient: No need to remove the original culture medium. It is easier to avoid the errors caused by removing culture medium

Technical Support

Quantitative Analysis of A549/NIH-3T3 by Using MTT Cell Proliferation Detection Kit
Quantitative Analysis of Hela Cells with Different Batches by Using MTT Cell Viability

Selection Guideline for Cell Analysis Kit Provided by RibBio 

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C11061-1 riboAPO Caspase-3/7细胞凋亡快速检测试剂盒,100T$329.86
C11061-2 riboAPO Caspase-3/7细胞凋亡快速检测试剂盒,500T$1,319.47
C11061-3 riboAPO Caspase-3/7细胞凋亡快速检测试剂盒,2500T$5,277.88
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