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Transcription, the main way of RNA synthesis in biological world, is the process of copying a segment of DNA into RNA, which is the beginning of gene expression. The changes of transcription activity always mean the changes of gene expression level reflecting the cell activity variation. EU is a uridine analog which can replace uracil (U) and incorporate into the RNA molecules during the RNA transcription. It reacts with Apollo® fluorescent dye or biotin azide for RNA fluorescence detection or capture.


1. Rapid and Sensitive: EU and Apollo® fluorescent staining molecules are very small that will easily move into cells with fast and sensitive detection
2. Simple and Accurate: RNA denaturation is not required, which can effectively avoid sample damage caused by denaturation
3. Non-radio and can label multiple stainings for a longer time
4. Applicable for various live animal injection

High Sensitive and Fast Locating

Generally, RNA has complex second structures. It needs RNA denaturation when using BrU method. EU molecules and Apollo® fluorescent staining are averagely very small that will easily enter into cells, which will efficiently detect the newly synthesized RNA in cells and analyze the RNA synthesis activity, distribution and location for various cell types to make fast and sensitive detection.


Applicable for Live Animal Injection

EU is also applicable for various live animal injection. It has advantages of non-radio, long time labeling, sensitivity and accuracy, which is suitable for analyzing overall RNA synthesis and distribution in tissues or organs. Therefore, it is the ideal tool to study the in vivo transcription activity.


Technical Support

Use EU to detect RNA synthesis in NIH3T3 cells of mice and Hela cells

A: RNA synthesis in cell nucleus and cytoplasm of NIH3T3 cells is quite active; B: RNA synthesis in Hela cells is mainly enriched around cell nucleus.

Use EU to detect RNA transcription activity for various cell lines.

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C00006 试剂A EU溶液,1000X, 20uL$249.90
C00101-50mg Biotin Azide (叠氮生物素 ), Powder, 50mg$444.82
C10316-1 Cell-Light EU Apollo567 RNA Imaging Kit(100T )$363.18
C10316-2 Cell-Light EU Apollo643 RNA Imaging Kit(100T )$363.18
C10316-3 Cell-Light EU Apollo488 RNA Imaging Kit(100T )$363.18
C00064 EU 20mg$779.68
C00065 EU 50mg$912.96


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