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RiboBio provides three stain kits covering multiple detection channels, which is easy for you to use. It maximizes the application area of the third party staining. Generally, it is recommended to use this kit with the matching cell proliferation kit provided by RiboBio that will fully meet your detection requirements for nucleic acids or cells.

The applicable range of wavelengths for three stain kits (Apollo 488, Apollo 567 and Apollo 643).

Adopt 3 stain kits to respectively detect 50uM EdU, incubate Hela cells (40X) for 2 hours, and use high-content screening instrument for detection. Among those, the detection result for Apollo 643 will be grey value and this image is rendered in red.



SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
C10371-1 Cell-Light Apollo 567 Stain Kit (100T )$133.28
C10371-2 Cell-Light Apollo 643 Stain Kit (100T )$133.28
C10371-3 Cell-Light Apollo 488 Stain Kit (100T )$133.28


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