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Hotline: 400-686-0075

RiboBio is Asia’s largest oligonucleotide-based drug manufacturer. Over the years, RiboBio has developed many novel nucleic-acid based technologies utilizing its world-class R&D team equipped with state-of-the-art tools and facilities. Currently, RiboBio develops and supplies innovative RNAi, lncRNA and miRNA products and offers as diverse line of oligonucleotide-based services including CRO, Synthesis and CDMO services from small to commercial scales. Our customers represent thousands from academia, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and government organizations, both domestic and international. RiboBio passed the ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification in 2013 and was issued the production license for oligonucleotide APIs by NMPA in 2016.

RiboBio provides high quality DNA synthesis……
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RiboBio provides industry-leading custom RNA synthesis…
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Antisense Oligonucleotide or ASO refers to a chemically modified short-chain nucleic acid of 15 to 25 nucleotides, which can specifically correspond to its target RNA, antisense oligo…
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CpG ODN is a synthetic ODN containing CpG motif, which has immunostimulatory activity and is widely used in DNA…
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Locked nucleic acid (LNA) is a kind of modified, well-recognized DNA and RNA…
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Aptamer is a kind of nucleic acid aptamer with high specificity and high affinity for target molecule binding. It has been widely used…
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Decoy nucleic acid targeting transcription factors can regulate gene expression at the transcriptional level, thereby achieving therapeutic goals…
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RiboBio Advantage

■ Professional technical team: over 10 years of experience in Oligonucleotide production, successfully delivered over one million
■ Excellent grooming and customization capabilities: offering a richer set of grooming and flexible customization services
■ Strict QC management: international standard production workshop, in line with ISO and ICHQ7a and CFDA drug production license
■ Advanced instruments: Introducing the world’s leading nucleic acid synthesis, purification and analytical instruments
■ Perfect project management: standardize project management process, and implement the whole process accurately
■ Meet the needs of each stage: rich product types, providing production services from micrograms to kilograms

Manufacturing Platfrom

RiboBio has built internationally advanced oligonucleotide high-throughput synthesis custom platform, with Asia’s leading OligoProcess 1800mmol synthesizer, Oligopilot 400 synthesizer, Oligopilot 100 synthesizer, AKTAexplorer purification system, AKTApilot purification system, AKTAprocess purification system , ultrafiltration system, medium-sized freeze-drying equipment, automatic liquid dispensing system, purified water system and cleaning system and other support equipment, the production center can complete the production of single batch of micrograms, hundreds of grams and kilograms of various oligonucleotide. The production capacity is up to 40 kg/year, with the production monitoring and quality control platfrom.

Quality Control Platfrom

Equipped with nucleic acid-specific analysis and identification equipment, including: high-throughput 2-D LC-MS system, ultra-high pressure liquid analysis system (UPLC), Quantum Ultra, Agilent ICP-MS,  GC-MS, Q-TOF. The center establishes a special detection method for nucleic acid products, and carries out services such as quality research, method validation, standard establishment, and stability research of new nucleic acid products. 

Oligonucleotides RiboBio provides:

After 10 years of technical innovation and accumulation, RiboBio has successfully synthesized over one million high-quality sequences, and provided >40 special chemical modifications to meet the serial synthesis and modification requirements of customers. 


(1)  siRNA
(2)  miRNA – mimic, inhibitor, agomir, antagomir, precursor
(3)  Antisense or ASO
(4)  CpG
(5)  Decoy ODNs
(6)  Aptamer 
(7)  LNA
(8)  Taqman  Probe, DNA Probe, RNA Probe
(9)  FISH Probe
(10)  Other oligonucleotides

Professional Chemical Modifications

RiboBio has a wide range of chemical modification technologies and capabilities,  providing more functional options for cell experiments, animal experiments and clinical trials to meet customers’ research, diagnosis and experimental treatments.

Modification Type List

Internal Modifications5’ modifications3’ modifications
DNA nucleotides,A
DNA nucleotides,T
DNA nucleotides,C
DNA nucleotides,G
RNA nucleotides,A
RNA nucleotides,U
RNA nucleotides,C
RNA nucleotides,G
DNA nucleotides,U
DNA nucleotides,I
2' O-methyl RNA,A
2' O-methyl RNA,U
2' O-methyl RNA,C
2' O-methyl RNA,G
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,A
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,U
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,C
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,G
phosphorothioated DNA,A
phosphorothioated DNA,T
phosphorothioated DNA,C
phosphorothioated DNA,G
phosphorothioated DNA,U
phosphorothioated DNA,I
phosphorothioated RNA,A
phosphorothioated RNA,U
phosphorothioated RNA,C
phosphorothioated RNA,G
LNA nucleotides,A
LNA nucleotides,nucleotides,T
LNA nucleotides,nucleotides,C
LNA nucleotides,nucleotides,G
2' O-methyl phosphorothioated RNA,A
2' O-methyl phosphorothioated RNA,U
2' O-methyl phosphorothioated RNA,C
2' O-methyl phosphorothioated RNA,G
2'-fluoro phosphorothioated RNA,A
2'-fluoro phosphorothioated RNA,U
2'-fluoro phosphorothioated RNA,C
2'-fluoro phosphorothioated RNA,G
LNA phosphorothioated nucleotides,A
LNA phosphorothioated nucleotides,T
LNA phosphorothioated nucleotides,C
LNA phosphorothioated nucleotides,G
mixed base dna, AC
mixed base dna, AG
mixed base dna, AT
mixed base dna, CT
mixed base dna, GT
mixed base dna, GC
mixed base dna, GTC
mixed base dna, GAC
mixed base dna, ATC
mixed base dna, GAT
mixed base dna, ATGC
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,FA
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,FU
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,FC
2'-fluoro RNA nucleotides,FG
Internal Amino Modifier C6 dT
Internal Biotin dT
Internal Fluorescein dT
Internal C3 Spacer
Internal C9 Spacer
Internal C18 Spacer
Internal 2-Aminopurine
Internal 2, 6-Diaminopurine
5' cy3
5' C6 Thiol (C6H13PO3S)
5' Butyne
5' cholesterol
5' cy5
5' biotin
5' FAM
5' phosphate
5' NH2 / 5' Amino C6
5' cy7
5' cy5.5
5' Biotin dT
5' Biotin TEG
5' Acrydite
5' Amino Modifier C6 dT
5' Amino Modifier C12
5' Fluorescein dT
5' HEX
5' TET
5' Alexa Fluor 488 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 532 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 546 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 594 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 647 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 660 NHS Ester
5' Alexa Fluor 750 NHS Ester
5' C3 Spacer
5' C9 Spacer
5' C18 Spacer
5' 2-Aminopurine
5' 2, 6-Diaminopurine
5' cholesterol TEG
3' Inverted dT
3' cholesterol
3' biotin
3' phosphate
3' cy3
3' cy5
3' NH2 / 3' Amino C7
3' cy5.5
3' C6 Thiol (C6H13PO3S)
3' FAM
3' Dabcyl
3' Biotin TEG
3' Alexa Fluor 488 NHS Ester
3' Alexa Fluor 532 NHS Ester
3' Alexa Fluor 546 NHS Ester
3' Alexa Fluor 594 NHS Ester
3' Black Hole Quencher-1
3' Black Hole Quencher-2
3' C3 Spacer

Multiple Purifications Provided

We provide Standard purification, PAGE purification, and HPLC purification according to different requirements. Customers can choose the appropriate purity grade of products according to their applications.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis from Small and Mid and to Large Scale

For more types of modifications, please go to  Custom Oligo Synthesis.

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Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd.
Address:13-14/F, Innovation Building C3, 182 Kexue Avenue, Science Park, Guangzhou 510663, China
Service hotline:400-686-0075

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