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Aptamer is an oligonucleotide or peptide molecule that binds to a target molecule with high specificity and affinity, which is widely used for basic research of life science, clinical diagnosis and drug development, etc. Ribobio has already built the labs with internationally accepted GMP standards and practices and obtained oligonucleotides API production license from CFDA in 2016.


1. Professional team: over 10 years of oligonucleotide manufacturing experience and successfully manufactured and delivered more than 1 million oligonucleotides
2. Enriched experience in chemical modifications: provide various chemical modifications and flexible customized services
3. Strict quality control: internationally accepted GMP standards and practices, in accordance with ISO, ICHQ7a and CFDA
4. Advanced facilities: world-leading instruments for synthesis, purification and analysis
5. Excellent project management: standard project management process with precise execution
6. Flexibility: multiple scales ranging from micrograms to kilograms to meet your needs

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Service hotline:400-686-0075

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