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CpG ODN is artificially synthesized ODN which contains CpG motifs with immunostimulatory activity, which is widely used in researches including DNA vaccine, virus immunity, anti-tumor, antiparasitic disease. Ribobio has already built the labs with internationally accepted GMP standards and practices and obtained oligonucleotides API production license from CFDA in 2016.


1. Professional team: over 10 years of oligonucleotide manufacturing experience and successfully manufactured and delivered more than 1 million oligonucleotides
2. Enriched experience in chemical modifications: provide various chemical modifications and flexible customized services
3. Strict quality control: internationally accepted GMP standards and practices, in accordance with ISO, ICHQ7a and CFDA
4. Advanced facilities: world-leading instruments for synthesis, purification and analysis
5. Excellent project management: standard project management process with precise execution
6. Flexibility: multiple scales ranging from micrograms to kilograms to meet your needs

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Service hotline:400-686-0075

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