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Exosomes is a small vesicular structure widely distributed in peripheral blood, urine, saliva, ascites, amniotic fluid and other body fluids. It can be secreted by any tissue or cell, and the exosomes from different cells carry different components like DNA, RNA, proteins, and lipids, which may confer a variety of biological functions on exosomes, such as cellular immunity, cancer development, and potential biomarkers. In recent years, exosome sequencing and functional studies have gradually become a new research hotspot.

RiboBio provides overall experiment services for exosomes research.

Exosome Particle Size Analysis
For exosomes isolated from cell supernatant, peripheral blood, urine, ascites, etc.,…
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Exosome Small RNA Sequencing
Exosomes originate from the vesicles of advanced endosomes (also known as …
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Exosome Surface Protein Labeling
After extraction and separation, the positive percentage of exosomes can be detected with …
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Exosome lncRNA Sequencing
Exosomes are widely distributed in cell supernatants and body fluids such as peripheral blood…
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