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Depending on the extracellular or surface-expressed markers, the flow cytometry can identify different cell types in a variety of cell pools. In addition, it’s also applied to intracellular target detections, such as the detection of unique signal transduction related to apoptosis and cell proliferation.

RiboBio provides flow detection services for cell surface markers, including Annexin V/PI apoptosis detection, EdU cell proliferation assay, and flow surface labeling, to help customers accelerate cell research and functional analysis.

Cell Apoptosis Annexin V/PI Flow Test
Apoptosis is a dynamic, cascaded, and complex process….
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Flow Cell Surface Marker and Staining
Flow-cell technology is a technique for the quantitative analysis…
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Cell Proliferation (EdU)
Cell proliferation assay is the basis and key for cell biology research…
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