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Cell proliferation assay is the basis and key for cell biology research, and is often used during the drug development stage to observe the toxicity and inhibition of drugs on cell growth. It is typically performed based on DNA content or cellular metabolic parameters to report the total number of cells and the number of viable cells, or to determine DNA synthesis in a single cell. RiboBio provides direct and accurate EdU method for flow cytometry to detect cell proliferation. Through the self-developed series of EdU kits, various fluorescent dyes are optional to achieve multiple detection effects.


1. Easier: No antigen-antibody reaction is required, and the detection based on the chemical reaction of small molecules is simple and efficient
2. More sensitive: no need for antibodies, small amount of dye, easy to spread
3. More accurate: limited damage to the samples, can be labeled with a variety of antibodies or fluorescent proteins simultaneously

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