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Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-PCR) is one of the most commonly used methods of gene expression detection. With fluorescent groups added to the PCR reaction system, the PCR process is monitored in real time by fluorescence signal accumulation, and the unknown template is quantitatively analyzed with standard curves. RT-PCR technology facilitates the leap from qualitative PCR to quantitative PCR, and has become an important and widely-used tool for research thanks to its strong specificity, high sensitivity, good repeatability, accurate quantitation, fast speed, and fully enclosed reaction. RiboBio has independently developed a series of gene expression detection methods and kits and primers, including the expression detection of miRNA, lncRNA, circRNA and genes, as well as standard RNA, unmodified RT kit and ROX reference dye.

The miRNA expression and differential analysis based on qPCR detection technology is …
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RiboBio provides high quality qRT-PCR kits, primers and supporting reagents…
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miDETECT™ miRNA qRT-PCR Standard RNA is a specially purified …
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ROX Reference Dye can standardize the fluorescence intensity of reporter …
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riboSCRIPT RTase is a new-generation high-efficiency reverse transcriptase that …
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