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Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-PCR) is one of the most commonly used methods for gene expression detection. By adding fluorophores to the PCR reaction system, and real-time monitoring of the entire PCR process with fluorescence signal accumulation, it supports the quantitative analysis on unknown templates by standard curve. RT-PCR technology has realized the leap from qualitative to quantitative analysis. It is now widely used in molecular biology studies with its strong specificity, high sensitivity, good repeatability, accurate quantitation, fast speed and fully enclosed reaction.

RiboBio has independently developed a series of gene expression detection methods and kits and primer synthesis technology, which can provide high quality miRNA, lncRNA/circRNA/ mRNA qRT-PCR detection services to suit different samples and detection needs.

lncRNA/circRNA/mRNA qRT-PCR Detection
Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-PCR) is one of the most …
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Nuclear Separation and qRT-PCR Detection
Cytoplasmic separation is based on the ease of cell membrane and nuclear membrane lysis. Cells are lysed with different strength lysates….
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Immunofluorescence Detection
Immunofluorescence technique is…
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IHC Dyeing
Immunohistochemistry is the application of the principle of specific binding of immunological antigens to antibodies, and the coloration of labeled antibodies by chemical reaction…
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miRNA qRT-PCR Detection
RiboBio can provide high quality qRT-PCR services for different samples in various needs…
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Western Blot
Western Blot Western Blotting is the most in molecular biology, biochemistry, proteomics, and immunogenetics….
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Flow Surface Marker Dyeing
Flow cytometry is the detection of labeled fluorescence by a single cell or other biological particle in a suspension….
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RiboBio’s qRT-PCR Service Process

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