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Based on various samples and detection requirements, RiboBio can provide high-quality qRT-PCR services by utilizing Bulge-Loop™ miRNA qRT-PCR and miDETECT A Track™miRNA qRT-PCR to obtain the reliable results and good repeatability.


a)RNA Sample Preparation
b)RNA Quality Control
c)cDNA Synthesis and Reversely Transcription
d)Real-time PCR
e)Result Analysis and Provision of Experimental Report


Method and Instrument

Use Bio-Rad CFX96 to perform SYBR Green Fluorescence quantitative detection.



a) Relative Quantification: Take U6 snRNA or 5S rRNA as internal control to detect the miRNA expression in the samples;
b) Absolute Quantification: Take chemically synthesized mature miRAN as standard, prepare 5 gradients or above, dilute and prepare quantitative standard curve. Perform absolute quantification on uninspected miRNA through standard curve.


Case Studies

Amplification Curve Detected by Bulge-Loop™ miRNA qRT-PCR

Melting Curve Detected by Bulge-Loop™ miRNA qRT-PCR

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