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The separation of nucleus and cytoplasm is to use lysates with different intensities based on the difficulties between cell membrane and the lysis of nuclear membrane to reach the separation effect between cytoplasm and nuclear material. RiboBio can provide the nucleoplasm separation and qRT-PCR detection services, which can help the study on lncRNA or other RNA subcellular locations and provide the basement and information for lncRNA or other RNA functional and mechanism studies. The separated product can be used to detect the target RNA content in nucleus and cytoplasm by qRT-PCR.

Products or Advantages

1. Nucleoplasm Separation with High Purification
2. Less Cross-contamination; Less than 10% Cross-contamination for Normal Nucleus and Cytoplasm
3. Accurate Detection on RNA Location in Nucleus and Cytoplasm


Technical Support or Case Studies

Note: After separate the cytoplasm RNA and nucleus RNA from Cell A and Cell B, detect the RNA level of GAPDH, MT-CO2, RNU6-1, SNORD48 by using qRT-PCR and calculate the respective ratio for cytoplasm and nucleus based on the accumulated expression level 1 between cytoplasm and nucleus; Data will be shown as Mean ± SD, n=3.


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