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lncRNA ChIRP (Chromatin Isolation by RNA Purification) Probe is an important tool to study the mechanism of lncRNA molecules, it is a kind of biotin-modified nucleic acid probe. RiboBio provides industry-leading lncRNA molecular sequence design and modified probe synthesis services. Efficient hybridization with lncRNA by the probe library consisting of specific antisense nucleic acid sequences. Then, using the streptavidin magnetic beads to obtain the chromatin complex bound by the target lncRNA. Finally, purified RNA, DNA and protein can be used for the study of the molecular mechanism of target lncRNA.

Product application

1. LncRNA binding protein identification
2. LncRNA chromosome binding site identification
3. LncRNA transcriptional regulation mechanism exploration

Product advantage

1. Excellent design, multi-site probe design to optimize hybridization specificity
2. Extensive coverage, full-chain lncRNA coverage to ensure hybridization efficiency

Technical Support

Ribo™ lncRNA ChIRP Probe Experiment Workflow

Using the GAS5 lncRNA ChIRP Probe to obtain target lncRNA and using the ChIRP-RT-qPCR revealed that miR-196a binds to GAS5.(Wang K, et al. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2018)

Ordering Information

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lnc4000982-1-2 h-AK096649_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_4, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000983-1-2 h-AK096649_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_5, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000984-1-2 h-AK096649_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_6, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000985-1-2 h-AK096649_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_7, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000986-1-2 h-AK096649_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_8, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000987-1-2 h-AK096649-AS_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_1, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4000988-1-2 h-AK096649-AS_ChIRP-Probe(3bio)_2, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4001061-1-2 h-LINC00460(3bio)_1, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4001063-1-2 h-LINC00460(3bio)_3, 2nmol$96.62
lnc4001064-1-2 h-LINC00460(3bio)_4, 2nmol$96.62
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