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The lncRNA FISH probe independently developed by RiboBio has innovatively improved the quantity and labeling method of specific nucleic acid probes of lncRNA molecules, and enhanced the sensitivity of the probe. It meets the requirements of exact lncRNA positioning in cells, and clearly shows the distribution of lncRNA with laser confocal microscope, thus being a powerful tool for lncRNA function and mechanism research.

Product advantages

1. Accurate positioning, a clear view of the inside and outside of the nucleus helps determine the functional mechanism.
2. High sensitivity, 160 times of signal amplification makes it easier to locate the lncRNA with low copy numbers
3. Strong specificity, the clustered FISH probes can ensure a high specificity of FISH signal

FISH Probe Illustration

Technical Support

To observe the test result with laser confocal microscopy, with 18S and U6 being the internal parameters. Red: Cy3-labeled, showing lncRNA FISH Probe labeled lncRNA and internal reference; The blue lable Hoechst: showing the nucleus. It is clearly shows that 18S location on the cytoplasm, and U6 is almost location on the nucleus. lncRNA-1 is mainly location on the cytoplasm, while lncRNA-2 is distributed in the cytoplasm and nucleus.

The localization of lncRNA MIR31HG in hASCs was specifically detected by lncRNA FISH Probe Mix, while comparison of changes before and after stimulation with TNF-α and IL-17. It is clearly showed that all U6 detected by h-u6 FISH Probe Mix were located in the nucleus, while all 18S detected by h-18s FISH Probe Mix were distributed in the cytoplasm. (Jin C, et al. Stem Cells, 2016)

Ordering Information

FISH Probes
SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
lnc1100634 h-NR_132623 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T) $499.80
lnc1000009 h-H19 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T)$499.80
lnc1100326 h-CDKN2B-AS1 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T) $499.80
lnc1100672 h-KIR3DX1_FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T) $499.80
lnc1100704 h-FAM225A_FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T)$499.80
lnc1000059 h-NEAT1 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T)$499.80
lnc1100770 h-MIR22HG FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T)$499.80
lnc1100491 h-BGLT3 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T) $499.80
lnc1100499 h-FEZF1-AS1 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T) $499.80
lnc1100246 h-GAS5_FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T)$499.80
FISH Probe Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
lnc110101 h-U6 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T, for human)human$249.90
lnc110102 h-18S FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T, for human)human$249.90
lnc110103 m-U6 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T, for mouse)mouse$249.90
lnc110104 m-18S FISH Probe Mix, mouse (Red,20T, for mouse)mouse$249.90
lnc110105 r-U6 FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T, for rat)rat$249.90
lnc110106 r-18S FISH Probe Mix (Red,20T, for rat)rat$249.90
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