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High-content screening (HCS), also known as high-content analysis (HCA), is an ideal platform for cell and subcellular level function studies. It combines high-speed multi-channel imaging detection technology with powerful analysis software to perform multi-parameter analysis, which can quickly capture cells, sub-cells or tissue images, and extract and analyze image information, saving the trouble of slow process and complicated operation found in conventional imaging detection or flow multi-parameter detection, With a rapid and high-quality detection of large sample volumes, HCS/HCA is an ideal recommendation for cell function research and large-scale screening.

With years of experience in high-content imaging and analysis, RiboBio provides a full range of high-content screening solutions that enable efficient and rapid screening services.

Cell Proliferation and Cell Cycle
Cell proliferation and cycle are important indicators of cell growth, differentiation, …
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Cell Morphology and Phenotypic Changes
The morphological characteristics of cells are closely related to …
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Markers, Co-location and Biochemistry
Biomarker refers to a biochemical indicator to label the changes or …
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Tissue Analysis
With the development of modern medicine and pharmacology, animal tissues …
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Cell Health and Toxicity
Cellular health and toxicity assessment are often used for the detection of drug properties….
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Signal Pathway
RiboBio provides a variety of signal pathway analysis modes, …
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Pattern Biology
As model organisms, zebrafish, drosophila, nematodes and arabidopsis…
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Service Advantages

1. “Double platform” covers small to high throughput automatic function screening
2. Powerful image acquisition capabilities: wide field scanning, laser confocal HD image, 3D imaging, live cell dynamic imaging
3. Provide “seamless stitching” function in different imaging modes to achieve perfect organ / tissue / cell image
4. A deeper understanding of complex cytological mechanisms and interactions
5. Non-destructive study of living cell function
6. Multi-marker / multi-target / multi-parameter analysis and screening
7. High-throughput rapid large-scale cytological analysis, from single cells, sub-cells to cell groups
8. The experiment time is shortened from several months and days to several hours or minutes.
9. Higher quality pictures and accurate quantitative information
10. Raise more cytological problems and produce high-value research results

RiboBio has IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS high-throughput high-content cell imaging analysis system and Thermo TTP Acumen® eX3 drug screening and cell biology analysis platform.

GE IN Cell Analyser 6500HS

GE IN Cell Analyser 6500HS

Support high-throughput high-content cell imaging analysis system for all non-isotopic detection technologies. Laser confocal (IRIS Confocal) for better image quality and resolution. High-throughput fine-grain analysis of 3-D cell sphere imaging, low-abundance endogenous biomolecular imaging, and protein colocalization. Imaging mode: bright field imaging, differential interference imaging and phase contrast imaging. Fast monochrome and two-color fluorescence imaging scan, providing live cell control module

TTP Acumen eX3 Platform

TTP Acumen eX3 Platform

24 hours uninterrupted ultra-high throughput cell screening. Wide field scanning imaging, complete the whole plate scan of 96-well plate in 30 minutes. Automated full-hole scanning, enhance multiple analysis capabilities, increase data credibility. An ideal platform for large sample analysis and initial screening

RiboBio HCS & HCA platform is  equipped with BD Pathway cell imaging system, Tecan Freedom EVO 100 and 150 automatic pipetting platform, BioTek ELx-405UV automatic washing machine, Cytomat 6001 automatic CO2 incubator, LabSystems Multidrop 384 automatic Advanced equipment and data processing systems such as liquid meter, CRS Robotics robotic automatic control system, EnVisionTM multi-channel microplate reader, etc., realize the fully automated operation of high content screening experiments.

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