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Cellular health and toxicity assessment are often used for the detection of drug properties. RiboBio prefabricates multiple models for cell state analysis that combines a fully automated high-intensity, high-throughput screening platform to easily and quickly analyze cell changes for larger-scale cell-related drug analysis and screening.

RiboBio provides cell health and toxicity analysis and screening:

1. Live / dead cell detection
2. Cell viability test
3. Mitochondrial health
4. Apoptosis-Caspase analysis
5. Apoptosis – Tunel analysis
6. Micro-nuclear analysis
7. Cell autophagy
8. Cytotoxicity
9. Cell phagocytosis ADCP
10. Endocytosis degree analysis
11. ADC/antibody toxicity
12. Toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine
13. Stem cell toxicity
14. Calcium ion
15. Oxygen molecules and reactive oxygen species
16. DNA damage (and repair)


1. Efficient and fast: The length of experiment is reduced from days to hours or even minutes.
2. Accurate and powerful: Multi-fluorescence markers, rapid system capture, high-resolution imaging and powerful software analysis
3. Simple operation: The whole process is automatically controlled.

Comparison of high content platform and traditional cell analysis methods

RiboBio’s HCS & HCA platform is superior to traditional flow cytometry, luciferase, colorimetric/fluorescence measurement, and single confocal microscopy, taking into account a large number of cell data screening and high-resolution confocal imaging. Good signal intensity analysis, cell analysis, multi-parameter analysis, individual cell analysis, subcellular structure and subcellular localization, etc., to meet small-scale to large-scale gene function screening or drug screening, to obtain high-quality image data, bring about more discoveries or worthful data for more systematic research.


Preliminary communication
Experimental evaluation and program confirmation
Contract signing and prepayment
Cell and sample delivery
Pre-experiment, screening method establishment
High-content screening test
Balance payment
Results review and delivery



hESC source cardiac cell detection drug cardiotoxicity (IN Cell platform)

Apoptosis analysis

Live/Dead Cell Analysis (TTP Acumen Platform)

Effects of siRNA Interference of MTS Suppressor Genes on Cell Viability

Cytotoxicity detection of various drugs with a high-content, high-throughput screening platform (TTP Acumen platform)

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