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The morphological characteristics of cells are closely related to their physiological and pathological processes, including cancer cell invasion and metastasis, inflammation, angiogenesis, wound repair and embryo development. The laser confocal high-content method can directly measure various morphological characteristics of cells and their changes influenced by external environment or drugs, and help to directly discover potential therapeutic targets from the perspective of functional verification. RiboBio provides the analysis service of cell morphology and phenotypic changes with a laser-based confocal high-content platform.

RiboBio provides the analysis and screening service of cell morphology and phenotypic changes:

1. Nuclear morphology
2. Cytoskeletal rearrangement analysis
3. Cell migration analysis
4. Microtubule fiber/protein
5. Synaptic epitaxy analysis
6. Synaptic analysis
7. Stem cell differentiation
8. Stem cell cloning analysis
9. Cell lipid droplet detection
10. Three-dimensional cell imaging (stem cells, islets)


1. Efficient and fast: The length of experiment is reduced from days to hours or even minutes
2. Accurate and powerful: Multi-fluorescence markers, rapid system capture, high-resolution imaging and powerful software analysis
3. Simple operation: The whole process is automatically controlled

Comparison of high content platform and traditional cell analysis methods

RiboBio’s HCS & HCA platform is superior to traditional flow cytometry, luciferase, colorimetric/fluorescence measurement, and single confocal microscopy, taking into account a large number of cell data screening and high-resolution confocal imaging. Good signal intensity analysis, cell analysis, multi-parameter analysis, individual cell analysis, subcellular structure and subcellular localization, etc., to meet small-scale to large-scale gene function screening or drug screening, to obtain high-quality image data, bring about more discoveries or worthful data for more systematic research.


Nerve cell growth analysis

Stem cell analysis (multiplex probe)

Seamless mosaic of cell images

Multi-parameter cluster analysis

Cell differentiation

Analysis of mouse neural precursor cell differentiation with a high-content high-throughput screening platform (Kim KJ, et al. J Biomol Screen. 2012)

Cell migration

Analysis of cell migration after drug stimulation with a high-intensity high-throughput screening platform and cell exclusion assay

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