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Cell proliferation and cycle are important indicators of cell growth, differentiation, metabolism, physiology and pathology. RiboBio adopts EdU-labeled proliferating cells for Acumen high-content high-throughput screening to quickly, accurately and systematically analyze cell proliferation and cycle conditions. The entire process is completely automatic, and the operation is simple and convenient.

RiboBio provides comprehensive cell proliferation and cycle analysis projects:

1. Cell cycle
2. Cell proliferation
3. Mitosis


1. Fast and accurate: analysis of the proliferation and periodic changes of the whole plate cells
2. Simple operation: full automation
3. Efficient and time-saving: it takes only 25 minutes to detect the cell cycle of 1000 samples

Comparison of high content platform and traditional cell analysis methods

RiboBio’s HCS & HCA platform is superior to traditional flow cytometry, luciferase, colorimetric/fluorescence measurement, and single confocal microscopy, taking into account a large number of cell data screening and high-resolution confocal imaging. Good signal intensity analysis, cell analysis, multi-parameter analysis, individual cell analysis, subcellular structure and subcellular localization, etc., to meet small-scale to large-scale gene function screening or drug screening, to obtain high-quality image data, bring about more discoveries or worthful data for more systematic research.


Cell cycle analysis

Cell proliferation assay

Analysis of cell proliferation with EdU (Blue: Hoechst; Red: EdU)

Effects of micrON™ miRNA mimic library on HeLa cell proliferation

Cell cycle detection and reproducibility analysis with a high-content, high-throughput screening platform
(kittler R, et al. Nat Cell Biol. 2007)

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