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As model organisms, zebrafish, drosophila, nematodes and arabidopsis are not only used in genetics and developmental biology research, but also extended to the fields of disease models and drug screening. Model organisms are used as the observation subject for drug screening to study the pharmacological effects and medicinal value based on their reactions to drugs. In recent years, the research on model organisms with laser confocal high-content platforms to explore the potential functional effects or toxicity of active compounds has laid a good foundation for future mammalian model experiments. RiboBio provides high-content functional analysis and screening services of model organisms such as zebrafish, drosophila, nematodes and arabidopsis.

RiboBio provides HCS & HCA analysis of zebrafish, drosophila, nematodes, arabidopsis, and others.


1. Efficient and fast: The length of experiment is reduced from days to hours or even minutes
2. Accurate and powerful: Multi-fluorescence markers, rapid system capture, high-resolution imaging and powerful software analysis
3. Simple operation: The whole process is automatically controlled



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