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RiboBio provides a variety of signal pathway analysis modes, which can easily and quickly analyze the activity changes of key factors in intracellular signaling pathways through high-intensity and high-throughput imaging and screening platforms. It can also perform large-scale analysis and screen the inhibitors of key factor activity.

RiboBio provides high-intensity signal pathway analysis project services:

1. GPCR activation analysis
2. Oxidative stress test (single cell/cell community)
3. Mitochondrial analysis
4. Protein synthesis or expression
5. Nuclear transfer
6. Protein translocation
7. AKT1 plasma membrane transfer analysis
8. Protein kinase activity
9. Transcription factor activation analysis
10. IKB denaturation


1. Efficient and fast: The length of experiment is reduced from days to hours or even minutes
2. Accurate and powerful: Multi-fluorescence markers, rapid system capture, high-resolution imaging and powerful software analysis
3. Simple operation: The whole process is automatically controlled


Preliminary communication
Experimental evaluation and program confirmation
Contract signing and prepayment
Cell and sample delivery
Pre-experiment, screening method establishment
High-content screening test
Balance payment
Results review and delivery


GPCR activation analysis


AKT1 plasma membrane transfer


SMAD2 nuclear transfer


Protein kinase activity analysis


The protein kinase activity increased after drug stimulation.

Mitochondrial analysis


Golgi analysis


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