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With the development of modern medicine and modern pharmacology, it is becoming more common to adopt animal tissue, organ as drug screening model, such as vascular ring experiment in vitro, myocardial perfusion experiment, tissue culture experiment. The screening models of tissue, organ level will reflect the drug effect under the physiological conditions, and can also be made into pathological model that is used to observe the drug effect on tissue and organ under the pathological conditions. RiboBio’s high content screening platform is equipped with unique tissue microtome knife holder, which can be used to observe various tissue sections for organs, pathology and perform large-scale imaging screening for tissue/organ models.

RiboBio can provide the following services:

1. Angiogenesis
2. Cell Migration and Wound Healing
3. Tissue Section


1. Efficient and fast: The length of experiment is reduced from days to hours or even minutes
2. Accurate and powerful: Multi-fluorescence markers, rapid system capture, high-resolution imaging and powerful software analysis
3. Simple operation: The whole process is automatically controlled


Angiogenesis analysis

Analysis of angiogenesis with PECAM-1 and PI staining supported by high-content high-throughput screening platform

Analyze the length of blood vessels and classify them with a high-intensity, high-throughput screening platform

Overall imaging of organ tissues


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