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lncRNA is a class of RNA molecules with a transcript length of more than 200nt and does not encode proteins. Originally, lncRNA was considered to be a by-product of RNA polymerase II transcription and did not have biological functions. Recent studies have shown that lncRNA has a conserved secondary structure that interacts with proteins, DNA, and RNA and is involved in the regulation of a variety of biological processes, such as chromatin modification, transcriptional activation and inhibition, post-transcriptional regulation, and the inteference of gene expression as miRNA-induced molecules. Therefore, lncRNA is an unknown field, with great research value and significance. By removing rRNA and enriching lncRNA and mRNA library sequencing, researchers can analyze the expression of lncRNA and mRNA, and discover a large number of new lncRNA.

RiboBio offers a variety of Small RNA sequencing services depending on the extraction method, difficulty and type of database construction:

● Small RNA Sequencing of Tissue and Cell
● Small RNA sequencing of Exosomes


● Patented exosome extraction technology combined with unique microRNA construction methods to provide exosomes lncRNA sequencing service
● Optimized data analysis methods and algorithms, high data utilization, able to predict lncRNA secondary structure, mRNA/lncRNA co-expression network analysis
● Self-developed lncRNA products, functional verification services accessible

Bioinformatics Analysis

RiboBio can provide multiple bioinformatics analysis services including bascis and advanced analysis services, welcome to contact to know more about it.


1. How does RiboBio collect lncRNA?

The Epicentre Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal kit will be applied to process total RNA to remove rRNA, and collect more than 99% of lncRNA. The sequencing reads obtained by this method are uniformly distributed on the transcript, without any 3′ and 5′ deviation, thus ensuring high quality data.

2. Apart from lncRNA sequencing and analysis in exosomes, does RiboBio provide exosomes extraction services? What are the requirements for the sample?

With the self-developed Exosome Isolation Reagent extraction kit, RiboBio provides exosomes extraction services for cell supernatants, serum, plasma and other body fluids from human, mice and rats. It enables efficient extraction of well-structured and fully-featured exosomes, the product can be used for subsequent functional experiments such as NGS, cell co-culture and in vivo injection.

3. Can RiboBio provide verification services for the results obtained from lncRNA sequencing analysis?

RiboBio is a one-stop shop for lncRNA research, covering products and services from target discovery to functional research. Based on years of experience in nucleic acid research, RiboBio is able to provide comprehensive downstream services after lncRNA sequencing analysis, including qPCR detection and functional verification. Also, the lncRNA Smart Silencer and other products developed by RiboBio are widely used in further functional studies of lncRNA.

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