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Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) is considered the “gold standard” for DNA methylation studies. It combines bisulfite treatment and high-throughput sequencing technology to achieve genome-wide Methylation analysis of single C base, it is suitable for the construction of a genome-wide methylation map.

The significance of epigenetic research is explored by studying the correlation between DNA methylation and tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as embryonic development, genetic imprinting and X chromosome inactivation.


● Comprehensive platform: One-stop service from sample processing, database construction, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis
● High precision: Mature methylation conversion technology to accurately analyze the methylation status of a single C base
● Wide coverage: Methylation site detection at the genome-wide level
● Good repeatability: Stable processing, suitable for comparative analysis between multiple samples

Bioinformatics Analysis

RiboBio can provide multiple bioinformatics analysis services including bascis and advanced analysis services, welcome to contact to know more about it.


1. What species can be studied with WGBS?

Currently, WGBS is mainly used to study eukaryotes with complete genome sequences (spliced to the chromosome level) and complete gene annotation files (including gene levels, exons, introns, CDS). For special cases, please evaluate projects based on the Latin name of species.

2. Why is the mapping rate of the WGBS project lower than other projects?

During the WGBS construction process, Bisulfite treatment converted umC to U, and mC remained unchanged. After PCR amplification, all mCs stay unaffected, while umC becomes T and the complementary strand becomes A; the initial double-stranded DNA becomes four different chains. The Bismark software was used to compare with the reference genome, and all the reference genomes and C on the reads were changed to T (the other chain G was changed to A), resulting in more base sites of mismapapping and a lower mapping rate.

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