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micrON™ miRNA agomir is a specially chemically modified miRNA agonist that functions by mimicking endogenous miRNAs into the miRISC complex to regulate the expression of target gene mRNA. Compared with the common miRNA mimic, miRNA agomir has higher stability and miRNA activity in animals, and is more easily enriched in target cells through cell membrane and tissue gap. It can be administered by systemic or local injection, and the effect can last as long as 6 weeks.

Product Advantages

1. Low toxicity, world-leading proprietary technology
2. Chemically modified, can be directly injected into animals, no transfection reagent needed
3. Shorter synthesis cycle compared with viral vector, convenient for the subsequent development of Oligonucleotide-based drugs in transformation medicine 4. Highly stable, easy to penetrate cell membranes and tissue gaps.

Which RNAi Control is right for you?

Refer to the table below to pick the right RNAi control for your research:

Technical Support

SMMC-7721 cells were subcutaneously transplanted into NOD-SCID mice, and the cholesterol-modified and Cy3 fluorescent-labeled miR-199a agomi was injected into the tail vein 2 weeks later, once every 3 days for 7 times. MicroPET/CT imaging was analyzed three weeks later and the results showed that [18F]FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) absorbed by liver tumors was reduced after agomiR-199a treatment , that is, tumor growth was slowed down. (Zhang L, et al. EMBO J. 2015.)

b.Injecting miR-125a agomir into the mice at a dose of 5 u mol/kg a day; 21 days later, stained the mouse spinal cord with HE and Luxol Fast Blue staining. The results showed that miR-125a agomir had improved CNS inflammation and myelin degeneration.( Happening. Pan W, et al. Nat commun, 2015.)

The right hind limb gastrocnemius muscle of M-KO mice was intramuscularly injected with 0.02 ml of 20 uM miR-329 agomir, the left hind limb was injected with CTR agomir (control group), and muscle samples were collected 4 days later. The results showed that the DLK1 protein of the miR-329 group was significantly reduced.( Gao Y, et al. PNAS, 2015.)

Ordering Information

miRNA agomir
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
miR40000830-4-5 micrON rno-miR-125b-5p agomir,in vivo,5nmolrat$399.84
miR40000537-4-5 micrON mmu-miR-27a-3p agomir,in vivo,5nmolmouse$399.84
miR40004715-4-5 micrON rno-miR-27a-5p agomir,in vivo,5nmolrat$399.84
miR40004324-4-5 micrON mmu-miR-181d-5p agomir,in vivo,5nmolmouse$399.84
miR40000140-4-5 micrON mmu-miR-128-3p agomir,in vivo,5nmolmouse$399.84
miR40000157-4-5 micrON mmu-miR-145a-5p agomir,in vivo,5nmolmouse$399.84
miR40000243-4-5 micrON hsa-miR-148a-3p agomir,in vivo,5nmolhuman$399.84
miR40000246-4-5 micrON mmu-miR-122-5p agomir,in vivo,5nmolmouse$399.84
miR40001081-4-10 micrON mmu-miR-196b-5p agomir,in vivo,10nmolmouse$599.76
miR40003326-4-5 micrON hsa-miR-663a agomir,in vivo,5nmolhuman$399.84
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miRNA agomir Control
SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
miR04103S-4-5 micrON agomir NC #22 (5Cy5), in vivo, 5nmol$465.64
miR4N0000001-4-50 micrON agomir NC #22, in vivo, 50 nmol$1,007.59
miR4N0000001-4-5 micrON agomir NC #22, in vivo, 5nmol$319.87
miR4N0000002-4-5 micrON agomir NC #24, in vivo, 5nmol$319.87
miR4N0000003-4-5 micrON agomir NC #19, in vivo, 5nmol$319.87
miR04102-4-5 micrON agomir NC #22 (5Cy3), in vivo, 5nmol$465.64
miR04104-4-5 micrON agomir NC #22 (5FAM), in vivo, 5nmol$465.64
miR04202-4-5 micrON agomir NC #24 (5Cy3), in vivo, 5nmol$465.64
miR04204-4-5 micrON agomir NC #24 (5FAM), in vivo, 5nmol$465.64
miR04102-4-2 micrON agomir NC #22(5Cy3),in vivo,2nmol$305.71

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