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miRNA library brings a revolution in the efficiency of functional genomics research, which enables high-throughput, low-cost, ultra-fast research and screening of gene functions, providing a new and efficient way for gene function sceening, disease mechanism research, target discovery, and drug development, and paticularly recording scientific breakthroughs in the discovery of new targets. Also, the high-content analysis and screening platform even makes the application of gene libraries much more extensive.

Product Description

RiboBio has industry-leading miRNA library products, including:

1. micrON™miRNA mimic library
2. micrOFF™miRNA inhibitor library
3. Customized proprietary miRNA library

The libraries are individually packaged in the form of cryotubes, containing all miRNAs in human, mouse, and rat in the Latest miRBase database. Designated libraries can also be customized for specific research objctives. RiboBio provides micrON™ miRNA mimics or micrOFF™ inhibitors libraries with at least 10 genes of human, mouse, or rat; miRNAs for other specicies and specially designed miRNA mimic or inhibitors need to be customized.

Product Advantages

1. Latest data, wider range
2. 10 genes or more can be customized for exclusive library
3. Independent packaging, easy to use

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Technical Support

miRNA mimic Library identified a miR-20a that promotes the metastasis of GBC (gallbladder cancer). Cited above

TARGETSCAN predicted that 59 miRNAs contained the ESR1 mRNA 3′-UTR binding site, and the 59 miRNA mimics library was used for luciferase reporter assays. Nine of them had significantly inhibited reporter gene expression. (Xiong J, et al. FEBS J, 2010.)

Ordering Information

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SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
ML0001-1-025 miR-Ribo mimic Library(Human) v14.1, 0.25nmolInquiry
ML0001-1-050 miR-Ribo mimic Library(Human) v14.1, 0.50nmolInquiry
ML0001-1-1 miR-Ribo mimic Library(Human) v14.1, 1nmolInquiry
ML00011-1-1-025 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-1, 0.25nmolInquiry
ML00011-1-1-050 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-1, 0.50nmolInquiry
ML00011-1-1-1 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-1, 1nmolInquiry
ML00011-10-1-025 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-10, 0.25nmolInquiry
ML00011-10-1-050 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-10, 0.50nmolInquiry
ML00011-10-1-1 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-10, 1nmolInquiry
ML00011-11-1-025 micrON mimic Library(Human)v18.0, Plate-11, 0.25nmolInquiry
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