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micrOFF™ miRNA inhibitor is a chemically synthesized and specially modified miRNA inhibitor, it inhibits the function of mature miRNA molecules with the combined specificity and downplay the regulation of miRNA in cells. The miRNA loss-of-function studies are commonly used to screen miRNA target sites, screen miRNAs that regulate the expression of a gene, or miRNAs that affect cell growth and proliferation.

miRNA inhibitors can be transfected into cells simply by being wrapped with transfection reagents, without the construction of vector or the need for virus protection, and the transfection efficiency can be observed through transfection control. RiboBio provides all the miRNA mimic of human, mouse and rat from the latest miRBase database and keeps replenishing the stocks, the miRNA mimic of other species needs to be customized with a minimum order quantity of 10nmol.

Product advantage

1. Convenient and efficient, transient transfection into the cells for immediate effects
2. Easy to operate, packaged transfection reagent can facilitate the transfection into cells
3. Short experimental cycle
4. Wide application

Which RNAi Control is right for you?

Refer to the table below and pick the right RNAi control for your research :

Technical Support

Taking miRNA-192 as an example, miRNA-192 mimics and inhibitors were applied to transfect A549 cells for 48h, and the cell proliferation was then detected. It was found that miRNA-192 mimic (Group miR-192) promoted cell proliferation. (Feng S, et al. Nucleic Acids Res, 2011)

After transfecting miR-1285 inhibitor with SH-SY5Y, qPCR showed the mRNA expression level of p53 gene has significantly increased (A), and the protein level was also affected (B). (Tian S, et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2010.)

Ordering Information

miRNA inhibitors
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
miR20000435-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-143-3p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000437-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-145-5p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000449-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-146a-5p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000455-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-185-5p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000076-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-21-5p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR2190509013442-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-7-5p inhibitor,5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000092-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-92a-3p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000093-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-93-5p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000617-1-5 micrOFF hsa-miR-200c-3p inhibitor, 5nmolhuman$83.30
miR20000667-1-5 micrOFF mmu-miR-33-5p inhibitor, 5nmolmouse$83.30
miRNA inhibitors Control
SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
miR02103S-1-5 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22 (5Cy5 ),5nmol$129.94
miR0190520020126 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22(5Cy3), in vivo, 5nmol$155.93
miR2N0000001-1-10 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22, 10nmol$113.28
miR2N0000002-1-10 micrOFF inhibitor NC #24, 10nmol$113.28
miR2N0000001-1-5 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22, 5nmol$66.64
miR2N0000002-1-5 micrOFF inhibitor NC #24, 5nmol$66.64
miR2N0000003-1-5 micrOFF inhibitor NC #19, 5nmol$66.64
miR02102-1-1 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22 (5Cy3 ),1nmol$39.98
miR02104-1-1 micrOFF inhibitor NC #22 (5FAM ),1nmol$39.98
miR02202-1-1 micrOFF inhibitor NC #24 (5Cy3 ),1nmol$39.98
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