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miRNA precursor is a chemically synthesized miRNA molecule precursor, and a 60-80nt stem-loop single-stranded RNA molecule that can penetrate into cells by simply being wrapped with a transfection reagent. It can be mimic the endogenous precursor miRNA molecule, via the relevant enzyme assemble into a miRISC complex and enter the miRNA regulatory pathway.In the miRNA generation mechanism, the primary miRNA is processed with Drosha enzyme to form a miRNA precursor with a stem-loop molecule of 60-80nt. Given the complementary pairing bases at both ends, these molecules have relatively complex secondary and tertiary structures that can be recognized by specific processing enzymes and processed into mature miRNAs.

Product Advantages

1. Easy to operate, packaged transfection reagent can facilitate the transfection into cells
2. High specificity

Technical Support

Injecting the precursor miR-19b (Pre) into mice to promote the development of aortic atherosclerosis, Paraffin section analysis the cross section of the aorta. (Lv Y, et al. Atherosclerosis, 2014)

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