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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs of about 19-25nt in length and are widely involved in post-transcriptional regulatory activities. Most miRNAs are highly sequence-conserved, expression-temporal, and tissue-specific. From embryonic development, to apoptosis, and even to tumor growth, miRNAs play an important role in a range of physiological and pathological processes. With its leading miRNA technology team and experimental platform, RiboBio provides a full range of miRNA services to accelerate the research process.

RiboBio provides you with miRNA research holistic experimental services

3’UTR Reporter Gene Vector Construction
With RiboBio’s pmiR-RB-Report™ reporter gene detection system, researchers…
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miRNA qRT-PCR Detection
RiboBio is able to provide high quality qRT-PCR services for different s…
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miRNA Animal Experiment
The miRNA animal experiment service involves leading patented technology: micrON™ miRNA agomir…
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miRNA Target Gene Verification
RiboBio provides high-quality and reliable miRNA target gene verification services…
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miRNA Cell Experiment
RiboBio’s miRNA cell experiment service uses micrON™ miRNA mimic…
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