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Gene is a basic genetic material. mRNA is a type of single-stranded ribonucleic acid that is transcribed from DNA and carries genetic information to promote protein synthesis. The gene expression and function of most of the human genome are still to be discovered, it remains a scientific mission to solve the mystery of genes quickly and accurately.

Long-chain non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a class of RNA molecules with a transcript length of more than 200 nt. They do not encode proteins, but participate in epigenetic regulation, transcriptional regulation, and post-transcriptional regulation at the RNA level. lncRNA plays an important role in dose-compensation effect, epigenetic regulation, cell cycle regulation, cell differentiation regulation and other life activities, and is also closely related to various diseases including cancer, thus becoming a research hotspot in the field of life science.

Circular RNA (circRNA) is a special type of non-coding RNA, which is abundantly present in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells and is mainly produced by variable-shear processing of pre-mRNA. circRNA can act as a competitive endogenous RNA to bind intracellular miRNA, block the inhibition of miRNA on its target gene, regulate gene transcription, and has great potential in the development of new disease diagnosis and treatment methods.

RNA Sequencing
RNA-seq is a key tool in transcriptome research, and…
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shRNA Vector
shRNA is a short hairpin RNA that silences gene expression via the RNAi pathway….
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siRNA Library HCS&HCA Screening
RNA libraries bring a revolution in the efficiency of functional genomics research, …
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RNA qRT-PCR Detection
Analysis of expression and expression difference of miRNA, mRNA, lncRNA and circRNA based on qPCR detection technology…
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Effective siRNA Screening
siRNA screening experiments are simple and easy experiments to determine gene function. …
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